City Avg. Temperature (August) Avg. Temperature NO2 ppb (2014) PM2.5 ug/m3 (2014) Poverty (Avg. %) Average Percent Canopy Average Percent Impervious Surface
Sacramento, CA 32.9 16.1 11 8.9 21.9 12 43

The City of Sacramento has the second highest tree canopy cover, and the medium value of paved area among our 5 cities. With a population of just under 500 thousand, it’s also our third largest city.

Based on our research, we will be following up with the following potential partner organizations engaged in environmental management and protection or public health work to build relationships to inform our research with the following organizations:

  • Sacramento County Public Health
  • Sacramento Women’s Health
  • University of California: Davis
  • Sacramento Environmental Commission
  • California Environmental Justice Alliance

We will be visiting Sacramento in our Summer 2018 round of mobile air quality monitoring in early August. If you would like to host a stationary air quality monitor at your home, or join our volunteer team in August for our two-day monitoring event, sign up on our Get Involved page!