Boise is the largest city in, and the capital of, Idaho, with a population of over 220 thousand people. The air quality of the city and its surrounding county are not currently monitored by the EPA, though our research will capture this data by distributing air quality sensors which can be mounted on the downspout of a rain gutter on a single family home. If you would like to host one of these sensors, visit our Get Involved page!

City Avg. Temperature (August) Avg. Temperature NO2 ppb (2014) PM2.5 ug/m3 (2014) Poverty (Avg. %) Average Percent Canopy Average Percent Impervious Surface
Boise, ID 32.1 11.3 12 NA 15.6 11 24

Boise has the second lowest canopy cover of the cities in our study, and the lowest impervious surface cover.

We’ve identified potential partner organizations engaged in environmental management and protection, or public health work, and are seeking to build relationships to inform our research with the following organizations:

  • Idaho Public Health Association
  • Women’s Health Associates
  • Idaho Perinatal Project
  • Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  • Idaho Environmental Education Association
  • Idaho Conservation League
  • Sierra Club: Idaho Chapter

We will visit Boise in Summer of 2019, the second year of our study.